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Free soccer Tips for 31 October 2016

Kayserispor vs Antalyaspor HTX 2.20 play
Zaglebie Lubin vs Wisla Krakow GG 1.75 play

Total Odds: 3.85x

Free soccer Tips for 30 October 2016

Molde vs Stabak Over 2.5 1.61 play
Apoel vs Ethnikos Achna  GG 1.53 play

 Total Odds:  2.46x

Is it possible to beat the Bookies?

Bookmaker – is a true professional in his field, a great connoisseur of all facets of the sport. Most of the players – the usual fans who like to sit around TV and watch football. The winner, of course, pros. They have analytical and mathematical abilities, usually with many years of experience of other players in the bookmakers!
Bookmaker when evaluating events takes into account many factors, and suggests steps  of the client. It has information that is not available to the player. And if it is available, the beginner player just does not know how to use it properly.
Bookmaker knows exactly where and what information he need to draw! He does analysis for each match for which he is to give odds (of course it is a solid offices, not local, which copy line). Bookmaker should know about the match the maximum that might know: recaps, game plan, plans for the season, the relationship between a team, birthdays coaches, players, presidents, days of the city – all the little things can play critical.
Also, do not forget that the bookmaker has the advantage initially on the line due to its margins.
Naturally, given the difference in levels of training the player and the bookmaker, most players are doomed to failure in the long game in the bookmakers.
However, this does not mean that the bookmaker can’t win.
Why win is possible in the bookmakers?
To win, you need to use its advantages.
What were the benefits of a player?
Bookmakers can not dwell on individual events and sports, and have (in particular, this causes their competition with each other) to provide a wide range of events. You also have no one bothers to focus on a few commands (or a tennis player) to thoroughly examine all the details of his or her capabilities in the upcoming matches. Take into account the physical and mental state of the team, to take into account the number of injured players, etc. Well, then you need to soberly assess the odds and place your bet. Yes, this player can be a fan of Manchester, and make a bet against it.
You can beat Sportsbook only by its own mistakes.
If the odds for a certain game do not correspond to the actual probabilities of the occurrence of any event, there are so-called “distortions” when one outcome rate is understated, but the opposite – too high. In this case, betting high odds are good to make a profit.
Consider the two main causes of “distortions” in the lines:
Errors of bookmaker’s analysts.
Unlike other casino games such as roulette, cards or dice, in sports betting probabilities of the outcomes are not clearly known. If throwing a dice, we can certainly say that the probability of a particular edge is 1/6, then the sport to determine the probability of any outcome of the match is not easy. To do this, there are bookmakers staff of analysts, which are involved in the definition of probability and drawing up lines for the upcoming sporting events. Despite the fact that in the preparation of quotations can be used by the supporting software, the last word still remains with the individual. Only person makes a decision about what odd to give on a particular outcome. And no matter how skilled this man was, he must make mistakes by definition
Conscious errors of bookmakers.
In addition, some bookmakers consciously make “mistakes” in the lines to increase their income and reduce risk. It works like this: knowing that the majority of people will put, say, a tennis player A, bookie deliberately lowers the coefficient on it, in the event of his winnings to minimize losses. Thus on the tennis player B, the bookie is to increase the ratio. In the end, it turns imbalance created deliberately.
This means that choosing the right objects using the bookmakers errors we can beat them!
The player has an important advantage over the bookies – RIGHT CHOICE.
The bookmaker is required to give odds for all matches. Even for those he does not understand or which has no opinion. Bookmaker can not thoroughly analyze each of the matches, which are in line. The player can concentrate on a few games and put only if you can find information that can greatly affect the outcome of an event. It suffices to find some imperfections in the day and this will already be enough for the game.

Improve your Online Sports Betting skills and Huge Discipline

There are literally hundreds and thousands of people who log on to the online sportsbook or internet bookmaker of their choice and wager each and every day, and gradually, this trend has become immensely popular, whether it is among a casual sports bettor or a professional one. One of the reasons for this growing popularity is obviously the convenience of it. Furthermore, the internet casinos and bet sites have made more and more data available online and this gives the sports betters the chance to simultaneously bet, do their research work and at the same time, keep a keen eye on the live streaming as well as on the scores of the matches taking place all over the world.

Furthermore, the process of getting started is also getting increasingly simplified, and it doesn’t matter if you have never in your life placed a bet on a particular sport before. The sign up process is made extremely easy and painless by most of the major online sites. Moreover, most major online betting websites have a lobby which makes online betting an extremely intuitive passion or past time. The exact payouts for the various wagers put in will be showed to you as you put in the wager and there will be numerous times that you will be prompted if you want to confirm your bet or not. Thus, it is almost next to impossible to make a mistake or put in the wrong wager as well.

There are plenty of perks that come with online sports betting and perhaps one of the biggest perks is that you will be eligible for the bonus that you are entitled to from your casinos and that can pay off in a very big way. In a manner similar to the casinos that operate in Las Vegas, the online sports books gaming websites are always trying to attract new customers to their sites and will often offer you a matching cash bonus as the amount of money that is deposited initially. Once you have wagered your cash, you will have the option of withdrawing the free bonus amount that you are entitled to, or you can keep it in the account and use the money to bet later.

Most of the online sports books are in some way or the other associated with larger online casinos as well as poker sites and once you sign up with the sports books, you will have a wide array of access to these larger poker and casino sites where you can play poker and other gambling games other than just sports bets. Craps, blackjack and roulette are some of the most popular games when one visits these sites after opening a sports book customer account. Some players even wager their sports bets for the day and then switch over to the poker matches or other gambling matches.

This is considered as a win-win situation for all and this justifies their growing popularity in the world. Reading reviews especially for new online casinos and sportsbooks is a fundamental step before registering and playing. Moreover just like casino games – roulette, blackjack and poker, there are many strategies and tactics for sports betting too, and there are many websites offering both reviews and tips, information and statistics which help the user to make smarter choices and increase his chances of winning.

How to Beat the Bookies and Win!

When it comes to sports betting, how to increase your overall chances of winning your bets is directly linked to the time and effort that you are willing to put into learning about the various betting systems and the sports that you are betting on. The following is some general information pertaining to the world of sports betting.
To start with, when concerning sports betting how to differentiate between the different terms is important. For instance, basic terms like “the spread” will be heard in a lot of different games. The spread is a point advantage that is given to the weaker of the teams that is playing. This helps oddsmakers even out the bets when it comes to sportsbooks.
It’s also important when it comes to sports betting how to ascertain how much money the sportsbook is going to make off of you and how much your payoff will be. Ideally, the sportsbook will take 10 percent from the losing side and the same amount of money will be bet on both sides. If the teams tie then your money will be given back to you. Of course, if one side is bet on heavily then the spread can move.
In concerning sports betting, how to tell the different types of bets apart is also important. A proposition bet is a bet that the sportsbook sets the conditions and odds to. They can be exotic bets. In a money line bet, the bet is wagered on the odds of a prop bet or the total of an event.
Spread bets are the standard bets to make and, as you will learn in sports betting, how to place them are important. In an example of Indianapolis and Lexington, Indianapolis, the favorite team, might be listed as -19 while Lexington as the underdog might be listed as +19. In order for you to win if you place a wager on Indianapolis in this scenario, they would have to win by 20 points. On the other hand, if you bet on Lexington their score would have to be within 19 points for you to win.
Over/under bets are also popular and as you will find out in sports betting, how to place these are also very important. In an over/under bet you place a wager on whether or not the combined total of both teams’ scores will be over or under a certain amount.   Some people bet parlays, but while the payoff is typically higher, the odds against you winning are higher and in order to win a parlay, you must win all of the events that you have bet on. The more events that you wager on, the more the odds are in favor of the house. However, if you do win all of your bets then you stand to win quite a bit of money.
You can also do something called “buying the hook” in which you shift the spread half a point in your favor. However, the only time that you really want to do that is on 3 point spreads in football. Once you understand the basic concepts of sports betting, how to play will come naturally over time. It might take some practice and patience, but those are usually the virtues that will win you the money in the end.