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  If you are prepared to put in some time and effort then it could improve your win rate. You still aren’t guaranteed wins, of course. But you will get to more fully understand how football betting works.

Just like you, we’ve laid awake worrying about money……we’ve started businesses with an idea and borrowed cash…we’ve made mistakes and had to try again to succeed. Believe it or not, profitability in any market is predictable—and I want to show you how to cash in month after month an year after year. Click for more >>

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Our goal was and remains to create the best honest picks designed to increase your profit daily. We’re the Navy Seals of the betting world. We’re always doing our job right, and even if sometimes we have bad luck with what we’re predicting, at the end of the month, our members will always see that we’re making a profit for them..

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If you want to subscribe to our VIP Value Bet Tips you can make that in few easy steps:
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How will one benefit from our  betting tips?

1. Promoting safe risk management
2. Excellent bankroll management
3. Provide Insight knowledge regarding Soccer(Football) Betting
4. Playing the right games and sure options
We spend lots of money on getting senior professional Tipsters around the world. As a result, we get the best to our clients.

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Found true site, no scamming or editing past matches
Chigozie Arochukwu

Moreover, we’ve made numerous 5 to 6 figure hits. The first time you make a big hit your urge is to go out and buy something. WINS plus GOOD MONEY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM are what you need to sustain yourself.

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Over 70% of our visitors have tried other VIP paid picks services and all of them lost money! We are one of the real websites that offer unique information that really helps Soccer punters win money. We really hope you understand us.

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Our goal was and remains to have honest and best-selling picks designed to increase your profit. We have nothing to hide from our clients. If we had a long losing streak or little gain we always tell the truth to ensure consistent transparency.

Strangely enough, most people think that sports betting is about finding ‘sure things,’. As professionals in sports betting, our goal is to find and exploit many small edges with a value over a long period of time to earn a compounding return. A consistent good Winning of the tips is very significant, and with very conservative money management strategies, you can grow your return very quickly. Invested $10,000 into the stock market for a year and earned a 10% return is considered a great investment. Above all, a return winning a modest percentage of our sports bets would trounce that return.


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The payment can be made using the payment methods below: M-Pesa, Skrill, Paypal.

After making payment, send us a mail to within 5 -15 Minutes we will give you access to see VIP Tips.


Profitable Money Management

Money Management is as critical to a sports investor as picking winners. We have devoted many hours of careful analysis and math to optimal money management systems. Therefore, no doubt, the results is of higher return if you follow a proven long term winning handicapper (of which there are very few).

In conclusion, it is always better to set conservative expectations to avoid over betting or getting Indiscipline.

♥ Wish you guys a wonderful spring full of cash and winning tickets! ♥

Terms and Conditions for “Single Soccer Prediction”

• You must be at least 18 years old to use this service.

• N/A or missing date – means there was no tip for that day and will not be counted, Only green winning ticks is counted in your account.

HT means Half-Time and FT means Full-Time

• Picks sharing is illegal – large volume of stakes require large pay-out forcing the bookies drop the odds.


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You don’t just get a list of tips sent to you each day. Instead, you get given the tools that let you make your own choices. This gives you a huge amount of freedom but will you learn well enough to use it wisely?

Could statistics and a strictly financial approach let you win on football bets more often? While a lot of punters are happy guessing at the results, others prefer a more analytical approach. If you haven’t tried the statistical approach then maybe it is time to do so.
“Rapidly Increase sports betting profit, Cut Costs and Boost Your Profits!

 There is a huge amount of information to take in and use. Even lifelong football punters will learn a lot of new things on here.

If you want fast results and quick cash it isn’t right for you. This is a betting system that is based on hard work and dedication. You will need to dedicate a lot of time to learning the basics.

If you do this then Sports Picks KE could give you the tools you need for success.