Leicester City VS Everton Preview

17:00 Leicester City VS Everton – over 2.5 goals @ 1.90
Preview: There is one thing in common between the two sides so far in the campaign and that is the fact that we are seeing a lot of high scoring matches in their Premier League fixtures up to this point. Both Leicester and Everton have five overs from their opening seven league games and this weekend we should see another high scoring game.
To your success, Good Luck!

Winning on Soccer Handicapping & Soccer Betting

Soccer Betting
The world’s most popular sport, played by kids, amateur adults, and professionals in every country in the world, is soccer. Bettors from outside the US may not realize it, but the game they call football goes by a different moniker in the US. Because Americans use the word “football” to refer to the gridiron game played in the NFL, a new word was needed. Casual sports fans in the US know the European game of football as “soccer,” after college student slang for rugby.
Estimates of the number of soccer players worldwide vary; FIFA, the governing body of international soccer competition, estimates that 5% of the world’s population is playing a game of soccer at any given moment. That’s a massive number, in the hundreds of millions. While the majority of soccer games are casual competitions between friends, professional leagues exist the world over. Gamblers who like soccer can take their pick from dozens of major pro leagues, including FIFA, the largest and most-organized of all. 206 countries currently participate in FIFA competition, making it the largest pro sports organization in the world.
All of those stats and figures add up to one conclusion – football (or, if you’re from the US, soccer) is the most-played, most-watched, and most beloved of all modern sports. Sports bettors can wager on football contests year round, and a big chunk of the money gamblers bet on sports each year comes from soccer/football wagers.
Handicapping & Soccer Betting
One of the troubles facing people who want to handicap games in this sport is the size of the pool of games available for betting. Between FIFA, country-specific leagues, and even amateur and collegiate games, it would be impossible to fully comprehend the world of football. Handicappers tend to be at their best in niche sports, where they can study a small number of players and use that inside info to out-research the oddsmakers.
One way to improve your handicapping skills for this particular sport is to focus on one big league, rather than spreading your wagers (and your research) across a massive number of rosters, teams, and individual stats. The FIFA World Cup, played every four years, is a good example of a soccer competition that’s easier to handicap; with just thirty-two teams (each with a roster of 23 players), you only have a little over 700 total players to look into.
Compared to American college basketball, for just one example, handicapping the entirety of all World Cup teams is eight times easier in terms of pure research.
But handicapping should not be the only aspect of your football betting strategy – because the sport is popular all over the world, it’s easy to find different lines and odds. That means it’s easy to shop for the best possible value. Finding the differences between odds at different books and placing bets based on the potential return for your investment is more important than gaining an all-inclusive understanding of every player in a given league.
How to Read Soccer Odds
Different books will show soccer odds in different ways, usually depending on what part of the world they’re in. No matter how they represent the odds, they’ll be listed next to a team’s name. Everything you need to know to make a football wager is in that string of numbers.
Fractional Odds in Soccer Betting
Because of the popularity of football betting in the UK, fractional odds are the most common. Outside of horse racing, few sports use fractional odds as their go-to format. A fractional odd is something like 2/3, 6/1, or 5/4. Sports bettors may be more familiar with decimal point odds, like 2.5 or 3.75, but it’s easy enough to turn a fractional odd into a more familiar decimal one, especially since the world’s best online sportsbooks have built-in calculators that let you see the odds in any format you’d like.
The biggest difference between soccer and other sports oddsmakers work on is the way the wager is shown on the game board. A quick and dirty example of fractional odds follows:
Barcelona vs. Arsenal
#1 : 1.8 / #X : 3.2 / #2: 3.7
That string of digits looks complex at first, but once you’ve placed your first bet, you’ll be able to easily decipher the game’s odds. The team listed first (in this case, Barcelona) will always be the home team, with the visitor listed second. The number 1 in our example refers to Barcelona, while the number 2 represents Aresenal. The letter X signifies the odds of a draw.
For the sake of making these wagers easy to understand, let’s imagine a bettor placing a $10 wager on this contest. A $10 bet on Barcelona would pay off the decimal odds (1.8, or 0.8/1 in fractional form) multiplied by your bet ($10), for a payout of $18 should that wager win. The same bet on Arsenal (at 3.7 decimal odds, or 2.7/1 as a fraction) means you’d win $37 (3.7 times 10, your original wager) if Arsenal wins.
Betting on the draw is another feature not common in most of the world’s sports – in the example above, a $10 bet on the draw gets multiplied by the book’s odds of a draw happening (3.2 or 11/5 in fractional form) for a payout of $32.
1x, 2x, and ½ Bets in Soccer Gambling
Soccer gambling is further complicated by most books offerings’ of 1X, 2X, and 1/2 bets. These wagers won’t pay off as much if they win, but are generally safer bets, and often good opportunities for high-value investments for gamblers who think long-term.
A 1X bet is a wager that the home team will win or the game will end in a draw. Using our example above, a 1X bet would pay off if Barcelona beats Arsenal OR if the teams tie.
A 2X bet is a wager on the visiting team to win or for the game to end in a tie. Using our above example, a 2X bet means you think Arsenal will pull off the upset road win OR the teams will end the game in a draw.
A 1/2 bet is a wager that either team will win. The only way to lose on a ½ bet in soccer is if the game ends in a tie. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter which side wins; as long as there is a clear winner, your bet pays off.
Totals Betting in Soccer
Over/Under bets are common in sports gambling; wagers on the total number of goals scored in a given match. If you don’t think your handicapping skills are enough to pick a winner, you can instead bet that the book’s points total is too low (meaning you bet the over) or that the book predicts a final score that’s too high (meaning you bet the under).
Making Soccer Picks
Because so many leagues, players, and rule differences exist between the world’s soccer leagues, it may seem impossible to develop any sort of strategy for picking soccer winners. But if you practice safe gambling strategy (not wagering more than 1 or 2% of your bankroll on any one event) and know how to shop for the best lines, you’ve got something of an edge against the book.
Remember when placing soccer bets that most books, especially those outside the United States, are a thousand times more familiar with the game, the teams involved, and the intangible factors that affect game outcomes than you are. Stick to your budget, shop for the best lines, and you’ll be on your way to making smart soccer bets.
Part of what makes soccer thrilling is winning bets. Sometimes, a bet not only comes in the form of money but in terms of favors, too, like who is going to wash the dishes today or tonight. But well, adults do not do that. Adults bet on hard cash when soccer is concerned. The problem is that many people just bet based on gut feeling and not on strategy and this is why a soccer betting tip is necessary.
Winning on soccer bets does not really require rocket science or any software. What you need is patience, logic, and the determination to study possibilities. Well, it may be said that products and software programs on soccer betting tip is dime-a-dozen. The choice is still yours whether you will rely on guts, instinct, or research.
A soccer betting tip you may like to know, and this s a very basic strategy, is to line up the teams in the league in order of winnings. You need to understand each team, each coach, and the key players. You should focus on the strengths and weaknesses of the individuals and the team. Once you have them lined up or listed, you do not need to analyze further. You will immediately see who will win what game through sheer logic.
Next, continue in with the rosters’ changes and status. Keep in mind that there are drafts and team transfers that occur. These changes will significantly impact the results of the games. Also find out if there are injuries, find out who these people are, and how long before they can go back to action.
Of course, check the winning streak of the teams playing. A soccer betting tip always given by professional gamblers is that you should immediately check the record of the teams once you see their schedule. Try to match the key players against each one based on strength, skills, stamina, and such. Only then will you be able to make an intelligent bet.

Correct Score Betting Strategy

Exact score prediction is one category of football bets you can make. Rather than betting on sides or totals, you bet both at once, essentially — picking the score at the end of a certain period (usually full-time).
A market will look like this:
Correct Score
Team One Draw Team Two
1-0 15.00 1-1 15.50 0-1 8.75
2-0 30.00 1-1 7.00 0-2 9.75
2-1 14.00 2-2 12.50 1-2 7.00
3-0 90.00 3-3 50.00 0-3 16.50
AOS 14.50
The betting form is self-explanatory. (AOS stands for any other score. The no goal bet, which is equivalent to 0-0, will sometimes be elsewhere on the page.)
Though the odds on seemingly plausible scores like 3-0 — 90 to 1! — might seem enticing, here at betting-strategy.org we strongly endorse not betting on any exact score above two goals for each team. The longer the odds, the greater the chance the bookmaker should be setting them even longer. If you just bet scores from 0-0 to 2-2, then you can make a tidy profit, though — exact-score bets have small vig.
Exact score bets are only offered in football, since other sports are too high-scoring. If a soccer game can pay out at 90.00 for a score of three-nil, imagine the length of the odds on NFL games, let alone NBA games!
You can bet on half-time scores, full-time scores, or both half-time and full-time scores! Remember that teams are trying to win matches, though, and not win matches at half-time, or at full-time by a certain score.

Betting Strategy: Over Under 2.5 Goals Betting Advice

There’s possibly nothing more satisfying than after doing your homework and backing Over 2.5 Goals in a game, you watch in excitement as two early goals are scored. A third goal, and a winning bet, is almost inevitable. But then you watch in horror as the crossbar is struck, a penalty is missed, and both sides decide enough is enough and play the remainder of the game at a snail’s pace.

If only you could have took advantage of the excellent position your bet looked to be in when two early goals were scored. Well on Betfair you can. By adding In-Play betting to your armoury, stories of near-misses and bad luck can become a thing of the past, and you can become a more successful punter.

Take the above scenario as an example. You stake £100 at odds of 2.0 on a game to contain Over 2.5 Goals. Two first-half goals are scored and your bet looks to be in a fantastic position. You now have two options; you can leave your bet as it is, hope that at least one more goal is scored, and collect your £100 (before commission) winnings, or you can lay your bet to guarantee a healthy profit. In this example, the odds on Over 2.5 Goals would have shortened to somewhere as low as 1.1 if the goals were scored within the first 20 minutes or so. If you lay your bet for £200 to a £20 liability at these odds, you stand to win £100 if no further goals are scored – or £80 as soon as the net bulges again. What a fantastic position to be in.

It works exactly the same for Under 2.5 Goals. If ‘unders’ is how you think a game will end up, bet it accordingly, and then get to half time with the score 0-0, then you can lay your bet In-Play to guarantee a healthy profit.

Of course, not every game will go to plan. You could back Over 2.5 Goals only for the score to be 0-0 at half time and suddenly you’re staring down the barrel of a losing bet. Nobody is right all of the time, but doing a little homework means you could be right more times than not.

The one golden rule to remember when betting In-Play on this market is that more goals get scored in the second half of games than they do in the first half. The English Premier League has witnessed 619 goals to date this season, of which 253 were scored during the first 45 minutes of a game and the remaining 366 were scored in the second half. Somewhat surprisingly – but definitely worth remembering – is the fact that every one of the 20 Premier League clubs have scored more goals in the second half of games than they did in the first half. Stoke for example have scored just six first half goals this term, yet they’ve scored 22 second half goals.

If you are wary of second half goals going in (when you don’t want them to), then generally speaking, if you back Under 2.5 Goals at 2.0 and the scoreline is 0-0 at the interval, then you can usually lay your bet at around 1.4. If just one goal has been scored at the interval, then they lay odds will be just short of 2.0.

Statistics I’ve quoted within this piece are freely available on the net and don’t take too long to research. Remember, a little bit of effort can reap big rewards.
Three In-Play bets to consider

In all competitions, Arsenal have scored at least one first half goal 25 times this season. From those games, 22 of them have ended with Over 2.5 Goals being scored. Given that this option will be available to back at between 1.2 and 1.4 once the Gunners score, placing a bet each time should result in a healthy profit over the long term.

Sunderland are not renowned for being involved in high-scoring games, yet they’ve either scored or conceded a staggering 12 goals from the 85th minute onwards in league games alone this term. Backing Over 2.5 Goals (if the game already has two goals) late in Sunderland’s games could prove profitable.

Every man and his dog has latched on to the fact that Blackpool score and concede for fun. Every home game (10 in total) the Tangerines have played this season has resulted in Over 2.5 Goals being scored, yet half of these games had just one goal or less at the interval suggesting they become much more open in the second half. On these occasions then, you will get better odds on Over 2.5 Goals at the interval than you will from the outset. And as we know with Blackpool, one goal or less at the interval has resulted in three goals or more at full-time 100% of the times on home soil.

Is it possible to beat the Bookies?

Bookmaker – is a true professional in his field, a great connoisseur of all facets of the sport. Most of the players – the usual fans who like to sit around TV and watch football. The winner, of course, pros. They have analytical and mathematical abilities, usually with many years of experience of other players in the bookmakers!
Bookmaker when evaluating events takes into account many factors, and suggests steps  of the client. It has information that is not available to the player. And if it is available, the beginner player just does not know how to use it properly.
Bookmaker knows exactly where and what information he need to draw! He does analysis for each match for which he is to give odds (of course it is a solid offices, not local, which copy line). Bookmaker should know about the match the maximum that might know: recaps, game plan, plans for the season, the relationship between a team, birthdays coaches, players, presidents, days of the city – all the little things can play critical.
Also, do not forget that the bookmaker has the advantage initially on the line due to its margins.
Naturally, given the difference in levels of training the player and the bookmaker, most players are doomed to failure in the long game in the bookmakers.
However, this does not mean that the bookmaker can’t win.
Why win is possible in the bookmakers?
To win, you need to use its advantages.
What were the benefits of a player?
Bookmakers can not dwell on individual events and sports, and have (in particular, this causes their competition with each other) to provide a wide range of events. You also have no one bothers to focus on a few commands (or a tennis player) to thoroughly examine all the details of his or her capabilities in the upcoming matches. Take into account the physical and mental state of the team, to take into account the number of injured players, etc. Well, then you need to soberly assess the odds and place your bet. Yes, this player can be a fan of Manchester, and make a bet against it.
You can beat Sportsbook only by its own mistakes.
If the odds for a certain game do not correspond to the actual probabilities of the occurrence of any event, there are so-called “distortions” when one outcome rate is understated, but the opposite – too high. In this case, betting high odds are good to make a profit.
Consider the two main causes of “distortions” in the lines:
Errors of bookmaker’s analysts.
Unlike other casino games such as roulette, cards or dice, in sports betting probabilities of the outcomes are not clearly known. If throwing a dice, we can certainly say that the probability of a particular edge is 1/6, then the sport to determine the probability of any outcome of the match is not easy. To do this, there are bookmakers staff of analysts, which are involved in the definition of probability and drawing up lines for the upcoming sporting events. Despite the fact that in the preparation of quotations can be used by the supporting software, the last word still remains with the individual. Only person makes a decision about what odd to give on a particular outcome. And no matter how skilled this man was, he must make mistakes by definition
Conscious errors of bookmakers.
In addition, some bookmakers consciously make “mistakes” in the lines to increase their income and reduce risk. It works like this: knowing that the majority of people will put, say, a tennis player A, bookie deliberately lowers the coefficient on it, in the event of his winnings to minimize losses. Thus on the tennis player B, the bookie is to increase the ratio. In the end, it turns imbalance created deliberately.
This means that choosing the right objects using the bookmakers errors we can beat them!
The player has an important advantage over the bookies – RIGHT CHOICE.
The bookmaker is required to give odds for all matches. Even for those he does not understand or which has no opinion. Bookmaker can not thoroughly analyze each of the matches, which are in line. The player can concentrate on a few games and put only if you can find information that can greatly affect the outcome of an event. It suffices to find some imperfections in the day and this will already be enough for the game.