Picks Kenya: Sports Trading Income Reports

On December 15th, 2015 Sports Picks KE was born.

We started out as group of persons with experiences on Sports Betting World. In fact, many  thought by then that all online sports betting and money-making proposals were scams.

In time, however, we discovered that only few sports bettors can earn money money from the betting industry

That was 2015.


However, from January 2017 we discovered a new trick of playing value bets only. This gave us a positive edge and with the help of various money management systems it still makes us a head all the time


Over the past years, Our team have learned and implemented various techniques that help  to make a living from sports betting. Whatever our clients in particular earn now is a result of the hard work that the team have put in for all these years.

I now make it a point to share everything that we have learned with the vibrant community here at Sports Picks KE. After all, the more you give, the more you get (Law of Attraction!)…

Every month we share  income report which details exactly how  been earning money.


Here’s the full list with links to all of the income reports. I suggest you browse them one by one to see how Sports Picks KE has evolved over time.




We update this page with new reports every day ever as we play.